The Brain & Boot Political Internship Program equips young people (ages 18-30) with the tools to make a meaningful difference and be powerful agents of change. This year-long comprehensive program offers first-hand political experience and the opportunity to be part of an exceptional community.

Strong, like-minded, hard-working, and initiative-taking young people come to this internship program seeking to make a difference. Brain & Boot aims to provide practical political training, such as the elements of getting elected, and intellectual training, such as speech writing. This experience prepares individuals to make a positive change and help the greater movement.

We seek to develop young, determined, individuals who believe they have a role to play in bettering Canadian society, by equipping them with an array of political and intellectual tools. Through excellence in parliamentary work, practical political training, and intellectual development, interns recognize the unique and dignified opportunity that it is to work on Parliament Hill. As well, an integral part of this internship is community. The opportunity to build friendships, foster professional relationships, and meet lifelong mentors is a key part of Brain & Boot.